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Resident Loudmouth in the hood! This is for those of you who don't like scrolling down to see the author of this post.

Of course, this is my second intro for the time...

Well, I thought this time I'm gonna give you an idead of why I need a second blog when I've already got one...

This will be the blog that I use to post 'Survival Tips To DJ' that I've already written down (like 200 of them or so). This is the blog that I will use to advertise my other blog (and vice versa). This is the blog that I will use to post quickie notes whenever I feel like it. This is the blog that will be dedicated to school and nothing else (no, not even politics. you can read Malaysia Today on your own).

Quick Note For Today:
Choir State Levels - SECOND PLACE (out of ten choirs)!
Choral Fest Competition - FOURTH PLACE (out of eleven choirs)!

Feeling Of The Day:

Most Memorable Thing Of The Day:
Diong got tackled by two GIRLS... TWICE! (two girls = Me and Lui Xia) for not so full choral fest updates. (advertising starts now).
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Nope, I'm not planning to sell anything just yet. I'm just openly requesting to be promoted to monkey stage admin post so that I can mess with the blog's HTML and add some widgets.

Let me get this straight.

NO......It's supposed to be "we want a promotion"! Try again! WHAT DO WE WANT?!
A promotion!
NOOOOO!!! We want it now. NOW! Not tomorrow......*Tears hair frantically*

Actually, I'm just joking. Take your own sweet time. I can bug you for the next few days anyway. =)
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Posted by MD
This blog has been started up as a platform for you and us to express our points of view in a discussion. Of course, that's what I intend to do with this blog. Don't worry, ISA posts and cusswordy posts shall not me written for the sake of Mel and Liiyung, my soon-to-be team mates.


Resident Blogger HTML Genius:
Make her mad and she shall rig this blog to drive you crazy! Not only that, she is a great scrabbler cum blogger !

Resident Blogger Perfectionist
A painfully shy perfectionist (her personal blog is constantly on private). The term perfectionist came from her blog URL, and yes, the word was MADE for her.

Zi Ying
Resident Blogger Loudmouth
ME! Yea, you got the drill.

~out, Zi Ying~
Edit: LazyBones =P
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