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I will now amuse the very few readers that visit this blog. This is a (very long) excerpt taken from my original post in Zequilix. This is also the first LONG post to be written on WeWriteAnything, so brace yourselves.

Well, here goes:

I have been reading the news on the currently controversial English subject. As a secondary school student, I wish to express my disappointment towards the reluctance to turn English into a compulsory “pass” subject in SPM. I was really shocked when I read that there were groups that actually wanted to call off the implementation. Looks like some of us have already conceded defeat before the fight even began.

Are we Malaysians really that doubtful of our abilities? We’ve conquered Mount Everest, swam across various channels, broken many records and yet we claim that we cannot master the English language. How ridiculous is that? We all know that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Apparently, there isn’t much determination to master the language now, is there?

I would like to know, why are we so unwilling to improve and help ourselves? We all know that English is the global medium of communication in important fields such as science and technology. Yet why is our government still beating around the bush, debating about such a trivial issue such as making the language a compulsory subject to pass in SPM? Why is it so hard to accept a language which equals to global importance?

Don’t keep repeating that rural students and teachers are not able to master and teach English effectively. We’re tired of hearing that already. Just because English isn’t our mother tongue doesn’t mean that we have to neglect it and only focus on the national language alone. Yes, we should feel proud of Bahasa Malaysia as our national language and be proficient in it, but that does not mean that we have to forsake English because that is the language that will bring us out into the world.

Having said that, stop using the rural students as an excuse to not make the subject compulsory, as all you are implying is that you doubt your citizens’ capabilities. What about those teachers who have strived to bring out the best in their students? What about those students who have worked hard for themselves? Students of today are the future of our country. How can anybody use the rural area students’ discomfort towards English as an excuse to jeopardize the nation’s future? Honestly, have you heard of adaptation, perseverance and hard work? If we all want to move forward as a nation, then we should really walk the talk. If we are willing to accept English as a compulsory subject, then of course we can improve. There are people out there who will work hard to master the subject, so don’t presume that we give up that easily. Don’t look down on our abilities. Instead, we should give each other assurance that we can do it.

One of the reasons as to why the standard of English is so low is because the subject is not compulsory to pass to get the SPM certificate. Students perceive it as a less important subject, and so do the teachers, who utilize their English-teaching period to teach other subjects. If it were compulsory, then students and teachers alike would treat this subject differently and make an effort to excel in it, just like Bahasa Malaysia.

If we want to compete on a global basis, then we should really open our minds and hearts to learn English. This is education and not politics, so don’t gamble with our future. Please don’t let Malaysia be left behind.

Now, I'll just have to ....err....translate my whole passage to Nonsense Form to send to the government, so that they can estimate M'sian's English quality. I think I'll start with "I'm has read the new's about the funneh Enggrish subjek and wants to shows disapoinment on the garventmen......"

Thanks for reading.
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"Bow to ye king, puny mortal!!!"
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Nice template :) Got slightly side tracked by it too. Anyway, can we have a cbox up please? Makes comments so much easier!

Contrary to resident loudmouth, I have nothing much to say. Except :


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.Resident Loudmouth.Zi Ying.

Imagine entering your own blog to find a cup of tea staring you in the face.

Well, you probably can't, but just do it for my sake.

My first reaction was "HOLY CRAP!" Then I remembered that Liiyung was in charge of our templates, which of course, is the only logical explaination.

Phew. At least we're not being hacked.

Well, I wanted to talk about sexism among the males of our society, but I was sidetracked by the template. Which, I must say, is quite pretty (HA!). I can't describe my feelings towards it, but frankly, I don't give a damn about the template as long as it's not pink and flowery. Or so collage-y that it makes censoring your words quite impossible.

Well, lets make this my "Welcome Myself Back" post.

On that last note,
Remember, Liiyung, NO PINK AND FLOWERY!
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News Flash : LazyBones survived 2-and-a-half dramatic weeks of hopeless competitions and exams.

Suggestion: Hey, can we call ourselves "Zimelli" or something close to that? (It stands for Zi Ying, Mel, and Lii). It makes advertising the blog easier. =P


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