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Some pretty cool and creative excuses to why you didn't do your homework. Of course, some practical "tried-and'tested by yours truly" excuses would be listed down as well.

Funny Excuses
1) The dog ate my homework (this is classic!)
2) I sold my homework for RM100 to pay for my mother's kidney's operation (yes, someone in my class actually used this as an excuse...)
3) I was cold and ran out of firewood. So I used my homework as fuel.
4) I got robbed and all the robber wanted was my homework.
5) I realised that I left my bag on the schoolbus but the bus driver just shouted some words (which I would get into trouble if I repeated them) and drove off.
6) I did my homework in invisible ink. All you have to do is burn the book to make the ink visible again.
7) I ran out of toilet paper.

Real Excuses
1) I left my homework in my desk by accident and didn't get to finish it on time (this one WORKS!)
2) I had too much homework from the other teachers (not a good one, but I'm running out of real excuses)
3) I was sick.
4) My grandmother/grandfather/great-grandmother/twice-removed great-grandaunt's third son's uncle's third cousin died and I had to attend the funeral.

Final Note: Remember folks, when you don't do your homework, you have no homework :)

ResidentLoudmouth is a bad example for people out there XD
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