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How To POI
1) Stand up and say in a computerised voice: "You've got POI. You've got POI. You've got POI. You've got POI. You've got POI..."

2) Scream "POI SIR!!!!!!!!" at the top of your lungs and wave your hand about frantically in the air.

3) Push your chair back abruptly (make sure it topples over). When you catch your opponent's attention, state you question in just ONE breath.

4) Jump up and yell "I OBJECT!!!!!!!"

5) Yell "BUSHLAKHA!" at everything you disagree with.

6) Point a BB Gun at your opponents and say in the most dangerous voice you can muster: "Freeze and keep your trap shut or I'll shoot to kill."

7) In the event where one minute is not up yet, stare at the time keeper for as long as possible without blinking. Chant/Whisper weird mumbo jumbo like "Time shall now fly because I have
willed it to, one minute is now over, I shall mentally will it to be, at the snap of my fingers..."

8) Insist that the five minute mark ain't over yet even if it is.

How To Deny A POI

2) "Down!" (opponent sits) "Good boy!"

3) "Who is the idiot in the parliament now? You, or me?"

4) "Kindly hold all POIs until after the five minute mark."


6) "You have the right to remain silent."

7) (Achmed the dead terrorist voice) "SILENCE! OR I KILL YOU!"

How To Take A POI
1) "Speak. You have FIVE SECONDS."

2) "Please remember that anything you say can be used as evidence against you. Proceed."

3) "Yes, I shall be a kind soul and allow your nonsense to be mentioned during MY precious time."

4) "I'm drunk and may misintepret your POI. POI at your own risk."

How To Regret A POI
1) "You are wasting my time with such nonsense."

2) "Speak anymore and you'll wake up tomorrow six feet under."

3) "You know what? When I took your POI I was being sarcastic."

4) "Oh go tell that to someone who cares!!!"

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