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It was a morning as normal as any other. He was just about to leave for work when he heard it. The public announcement on the radio.

"... a nuclear missle is making it's way to Green Town due to an experiment gone wrong and is expected to hit in 13 minutes. All residents are expected to evacuate or to head for the nearest nuclear bunker. I repeat ..."

He had expected it; after all, he was living in an area that was only an hour's drive away from a nuclear testing ground. "Son! Go and get your siblings. We have to go to our bunker now. Hurry!" He shouted. He can't afford to panic now. Not now. Not at this moment.

His eldest son seemed to have understood that this was not any normal evacuation drill. He grabbed his siblings and together they packed as much foodstuff and drinking water as they could. Sure, they had food in the bunker, but it doesn't hurt to have more. Who knows how long they'd have to stay there?

He found his wife in the bedroom, packing her bible and the important documents they all would need if they survived this. He rushed to the safe and took out everything of value from it. They would need it when the world they now live in turns chaotic due to the missle. What with the droughts and the food shortage and all, money is what they would need most. apart from their lives.

His wife gave an unhappy sob and muttered: "The neighbours..." "Honey, what's wrong?" he asked, knowing perfectly well the thought that is troubling his dear wife. "The neighbours, they have no bunker, they will want to be let into ours. And... It hurts me to turn them down." "Sweetheart," he started, but paused as he searched for the right words to say, "they ridiculed us when we built a bunker. It's like Noah's Ark now. Noah didn't worry much for his neighbours, did he?" His wife shook her head slowly. "Come on now, we must enter the bunker."

They left the house and went to the entrance of their bunker. Just like his wife had predicted, their neighbous were shoving and shouting and begging to be let in. "Please, take my daughter, my only daughter, she is young..." "Please, take my son, he eats very little, you would barely notice that he's there..." "Please..." "Please..." The pleas from their neighbours brought tears to her eyes again, but he hardened his heart and pulled his wife into the bunker. The door slammed shut.

Even from inside the bunker, the muffled pleas of the people out there could be heard. When he turned his back on his wife for that split second, she threw open the door and ran out, leaving a young girl in her place. The man cursed under his breath. He glared at the young girl as though it was her fault that his wife left. He paced the room furiously, until he finally came to a decision. a decision he would never regret and never could regret.

He turned to his eldest son. "Son, you know exactly what to do, don't you? Consume the food and the water sparingly. And don't open the door ever again. Your duty now, is to keep yourself and your siblings alive." His son nodded, with tears in his eyes. He never once doubted his father. All the little ones hugged his father for that one last time. The man removed the wooden cross he wore on a chain around his neck and passed it to his son. he was passing on the torch. He said a silent prayer, and unlocked the door and walked out.

Almost immediately he was swarmed by the tearful parents, pleading and begging with him to take their child, their precious child. He grabbed the two children closest to the door and shoved them in. "Remember, don't open this door for at least a month!" he shouted his last advice to his son as his son dutifully shut the door. It was final. the crowd backed away, knowing that their pleas and begs would fall on deaf ears now. He walked through the crowd, with only one purpose.

He spotted her in the midst of the crowd, looking oddly serene and at peace. the crowd, knowing that their time was up, were bidding their final goodbyes to their loved ones. He waded through the crowd and positioned himself right in front of her. His beloved wife looked at him and whispered: "I'm sorry." "I love you." he whispered back, the first time in sixteen years since their marriage had he proclaimed his love for her. He held her hands, and together they said their final prayers, and recited their favourite bible verse. The look on her face was a peaceful one, and his mirrored hers. "I love you." he whispered that last time. "I love you too." she whispered back.

The missle hit.


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