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Firstly, Black, I would like to say : WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING WORLD OF WE DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING!!!!!!! *ahem* Now that that's done, I'd like to remind you to label all your posts with your name (which is Black in this case).

Secondly, I do not agree completely with what you've posted in response to MY experiment post so this is my way of having a debate with you.

About The Performance
I was actually quite glad to see that Black agreed that the performance was rather explicit, well, 'cause if he didn't I'd be very very worried. But I do not agree that this whole huge controversy is over homosexuality.

Black, I don't know if you've actually watched the video, but the whole performance wasn't just about Adam Lambert smooching a male keyboardist. Well, in the first place, he was french-kissing the male keyboardist, AND the whole thing wasn't planned, AND the keyboardist is straight. So I don't find it accurate that you compare the Adam-Male Keyboardist kiss to the Madonna-Britney kiss. Which I don't think counts as lesbianism (more on this below)

The complaints about Adam Lambert's performance wasn't just about the french-kissing, it was also about the many random, obscene, disgusting things he done at the spur of the moment (yes, most of the disgusting stuff wasn't rehearsed, so imagine the dancers' shock). I will not elaborate on the details of his unrehearsed performance, but let's just say it went waaaaay further than kissing someone of the same sex.

I'm not homophobic, and I have no issues with guys holding hands, hugging or even kissing (not too sure on that one yet though, my opinion may change sometime in the future). But I do have issues with people performing/stimulating obscene sex acts in public (on TV). To me, this is not a homosexual controversy, 'cause frankly, I would have issues with the performance even if Adam Lambert was straight. Or it was performed by a girl. yes, even if it was by Lady GaGa.

So yeah. I think the world would NEVER be ready to see people perform "stuff" that should be done privately, in the comfort of their own bedrooms on National TV.

About The Song And It's Lyrics
The song For Your Entertainment indeed is extremely catchy (take it from someone who has it playing on endless replay in her brain). However, I do think that it's rather vulgar (or perhaps we made the mistake of reading the lyrics AFTER we watched the performance, it could have affected our conclusions).

However, I do not agree that it's "better" (better in what sense?) than the other current songs. I mean, sure Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Madonna and even Shakira has some pretty "suggestive" songs, but at least their metaphor-ed, right? Anyone with half a sick mind would be able to guss that For your Entertainment was about rough sex.

I think that For Your Entertainment is vulgar-er than Britney Spears' If You Seek Amy, ALL of the Lady GaGa songs, and 3OH!3 songs. Maybe just as vulgar/suggesting as Shakira's She Wolf, but not as bad as Pitbull's Hotel Room Service and I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho). Therefore you can't say that it pales in comparision. As for if the lyrics would pollute a young child's mind, you decide that for yourself, because if you've read the "edit" at the end of the post on experiments, you'd notice that Lazybones DID understand what she saw in the video and what she read in the lyrics. THREE DAYS LATER.

Footnote: The claim that innocent children cannot understand the song at all cannot be tested because I do not want to use my 10 year old sister as a guinea pig.

Rebutted by, ResidentLoudmouth
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