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Hi, people. Here's something easy to warm you up before school starts.

Here goes....

You are given 6 balls and a weighing scale. 2 balls are defective and they weigh less than the other 4. You are only given 2 weighs (you can only use the scale twice). Find out which are the defective balls.

You have 2 defective balls and there is no typo. Yes, this is easy for most of you, but then again, maybe not.

Remember, there are 2 defective balls.

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  1. Zi Ying Says:

    Put 1 ball on both sides of the scale and watch it carefully for tilts. Regardless of if it tilts or not, put a second ball on each side.
    a) If it doesn't tilt the two defective balls are in your hands.
    b) If it still tilts, put a third ball on both sides of the scale. If it evens out it means that the last ball you put on the heavier side was a defective ball. Set the ball aside. Take the final 3 balls on the other side (the side that didn't have the discovered defective ball) and put one on each side. Hold the remaining ball.

    I only got so far. Technically all balls only touched the scale twice.

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