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PS: I'm still not quite sure what "confounder" means but I'm too lazy to check the dictionary.

Lazybones, I'm still confused. I'm sure most of us here agree with me XD

Too. Many. Words. Getting. Woozy.

*crash bangs slams*


Got any more riddles? XD

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Hey there, people!! LazyBones is back in action!!! Hmm, I see I'm overusing exclamation marks.....anyway...

I've got great news for you. I'm going to reveal the answer to my puzzle (yes, the old one posted weeks ago). If you're not really into abstract thinking, be prepared to get really muddled in your thoughts..

The first step you must take is to put 3 balls on each side of the scale. You might be faced with 2 scenarios, as the scale can either be imbalanced or balanced. I will start with the imbalanced scale first. I'll number the steps to prove that it can be done in two weighs (2 steps; you can use the scale twice), and so you know what's going on.

Imbalancedor Scenario 1
This tells you one thing: both defective balls have to be on the same side, otherwise it would appear as a balanced scale (one on each side).

1. Your first step (as shown above) would be to put 3 balls on each side of the scale. If it turns out imbalanced, remove all 3 balls on the heavier side, because you can bet on your life that there are no defective balls there.
2. Move one ball to the empty side (you removed 3 balls from there in the first step), hold one in your hand, and leave one the scale untouched. [If you're following the illustration above, move the black (shaded) ball over the empty side, hold the peach ball and leave the unshaded one where it is.]
Balanced: Both balls are on the scale
Imbalanced: The one on the lighter end of the scale is defective. The other one is in your hand.

There! The first scenario completed!!

And things get really messy now........refer to the diagrams as often as possible to avoid getting confused.

This type means that there is one defective ball on each side of the scale.

1. Remove one ball from each side.

There are two possibilities after step one: the scale can either stay balanced or become imbalanced. I'll tackle the balanced one first.

Scenario 2(a)

Balanced = Both defective balls have to be EITHER
a) One on each scale
b) Both removed, and are on the ground now

Step 2(a): Switch ONE ball from ONLY ONE side of the scale. [Illustration: Switch the blue ball on the scale with the blue ball on the ground.]

After switch
2. Imbalanced (the side you switched got LIGHTER): You replaced a normal ball for a defective one. BOTH DEFECTIVES WERE ON THE GROUND. Story ends here for this scenario.

2(a) Imbalanced (the side you switched got heavier): You switched the defective ball with a normal one. The pink one is normal.

2(a) Balanced : Defective ball is pink.

[How do I know?? Because both defectives have to either be on each scale OR both on the ground.
1. If both were on the ground, the scale would have become imbalanced right after swapping the blue balls, because that's what happens when you switch a heavier ball with a lighter one.
If the ball you swapped was defective itself, then BOTH defectives MUST have been on the scale (one on the other side) and the 2 balls on the ground MUST be normal. You would have caused the scale to become unbalanced, because that's what happens if you swap a lighter ball for a heavier one.]
More on this in scenario 2(b).

Still in step 2(a): You now know the type/condition of at least ONE ball from ONE side. In every scenario (except the one where "the story ended"), remove ONE BALL FROM EACH SIDE to find the other side's defective. Please rely on your imagination and common sense for this one.
(Eg: Remove the defective and another ball from the other side. If the scale is balanced, you know that you're holding both defectives. If scale is unbalanced, you're not stupid enough to not be able to tell which side is heavier or lighter.)

Scenario 2(b) [right after step 1]

The scale became imbalanced because the type of balls you swapped were different from those on the ground. Whatever the case, the lighter side has one defective, the heavier side has 2 normals. Remember, both defectives CANNOT be on the lighter side or you would've got scenario 1.

Step 2(b): This step is NOT related to step 2(a), so no switching of balls is involved. Remove both on the heavier side and shift one over to the now empty side OR remove one ball from each side.

Ta-daaaahhh!!! Now I hope you were smart/not blur enough to digest all that. Happy moping.

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These are the reasons Cassandra and I made up together. Feminists unite! XD

PS: I shall stop posting such nonsense when my "colleagues" get back from their "leave".
PSS: This only applies to SOME guys. Not all guys. Ok Black?

God created Eve because...
1) Guys will only stand there while girls run around and do the unpleasant work.

2) Guys will make things harder for the girls while they run around doing the unpleasant work.

3) Guys will pretend to not know you when you knock over a bunch of pool cues. Girls (and nice guys) will help you pick them up.

4) Most guys are jerks/have been jerks in their lives.

5) Most guys would have made a girl cry at least once in their life.

6) Girls will not refuse to speak to their cousin of the opposite gender for 5 years because of something their aunt said.

7) Tell a girl to do something and it's done instantly. Tell a guy to do something and he either
a) puts it off until you do it yourself
b) does it wrong so you have to do it yourself anyway
c) does it so late you already done it yourself

8) Guys think their superior over girls.

9) All guys need girls.

10) It was part of His plan.

No offence to all you nice guys out there who think you've been stereotyped just because of those few rotten eggs.

Now... What was that Malay proverb again?

Don't get mad at me, Black. You don't suck XD
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Okay people. We're gonna learn a NEW way to get your angpows. Forget the whole "gong xi fa cai hong bao na lai" thing, it's way too childish. We're gonna learn how to get your angpows, with style and dignity.


You are going to dress in red. A dark red shirt and a pair of black pants. Leather shoes would be nice (I dunno why, but this is how I visioned it). You will wear a pair of shades. You have a day left to work on that confident swagger. Use that day wisely.

You will carry a big bag or wear a pair of pants with pockets. Lots of pockets. Somehow that gets the point across easier. You shall walk into the room as though the world belongs to you. Let your body language do the talking.

Option A: Hold up a BB Gun and demand that everyone in the room gives you at least one angpow or you'll shoot.
Option B: Offer to sing (and sing badly) and refuse to stop until you have RM 500 in your pockets.
Option C: Bring multiple disguises and use multiple identities to get multiple angpows.
Option D: Steal them away from your younger siblings.

I'm a bit lazy to post more options, so I'll leave the rest to your imaginations.

Goodnight and Happy Chinese New Year everybody!

PS: Lazybones! Post up riddle answer pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase!
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