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These are the reasons Cassandra and I made up together. Feminists unite! XD

PS: I shall stop posting such nonsense when my "colleagues" get back from their "leave".
PSS: This only applies to SOME guys. Not all guys. Ok Black?

God created Eve because...
1) Guys will only stand there while girls run around and do the unpleasant work.

2) Guys will make things harder for the girls while they run around doing the unpleasant work.

3) Guys will pretend to not know you when you knock over a bunch of pool cues. Girls (and nice guys) will help you pick them up.

4) Most guys are jerks/have been jerks in their lives.

5) Most guys would have made a girl cry at least once in their life.

6) Girls will not refuse to speak to their cousin of the opposite gender for 5 years because of something their aunt said.

7) Tell a girl to do something and it's done instantly. Tell a guy to do something and he either
a) puts it off until you do it yourself
b) does it wrong so you have to do it yourself anyway
c) does it so late you already done it yourself

8) Guys think their superior over girls.

9) All guys need girls.

10) It was part of His plan.

No offence to all you nice guys out there who think you've been stereotyped just because of those few rotten eggs.

Now... What was that Malay proverb again?

Don't get mad at me, Black. You don't suck XD
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