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I am always amused by Black.

In his previous first post, Black seemed to have no qualms about Adam Lambert's guy on guy kiss. And now, he has issues with today's music. Yet I specifically remember him encouraging me to get my hands on Adam Lambert's lesser known singles.

I do not understand this dude.

BTW, I like What Do You Want From Me XD

And Black, I recommend just listening to the radio and putting up with the songs. Soon you'll just get numb of it.

Ooh there's a nice one. Numb by Linkin Park XD

What about some lesser known songs? Go ask JM. Thanks to him I've been introduced to heavy metal (Slipknot; Children of Bodom), Christiany songs (Anberlin), and well, my favourite: LINKIN PARK!

Or old school rock: Aerosmith XD

Or just basically any weird songs you come across on the radio, or on the internet.

So don't be like Black, open yourself up to today's music!!! Woooh!

(I like being Black's Pakatan Rakyat XD)

Now, I shall AUTOMATICally stop talking that BLAH BLAH BLAH =)P

Lame. I know.
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